Kindra Cotton
As a Serial Entrepreneur, Technology & Social Media Specialist, and Jill of All Trades (and a Master of Two), Kindra channels her energies into her small business consulting enterprises specializing in brand marketing, market research, and strategic information consultancy. To find out more about Kindra’s enterprises, visit her Enterprises page. To view Kindra's Digital Résumé, click here.

When not working on one of her many entrepreneurial business ventures, she uses her years of expertise with all forms of technology and gadgetry to help make tech understandable to the masses and shatter the stereotype of Techie Geeks being rude and unhelpful as the National Online Marketing Examiner for To read her articles, click here.

She recently received her
Certification in Search Engine Marketing, and in her spare time (what little there is) she will soon venture into the Career Services field as a Federal Employment Career Transition Coach.

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