Down Came the Rain...


The flooding that took place in Nashville during the weekend of April 30th has effected me in a number of ways. First, I was actually out driving in the downpour during the late afternoon on Saturday, and I witnessed first hand the power of rushing water and its ability to move a car down the road, despite the best attempts at steering. For me, as a native Chicagoan, I thought I'd faced just about all sorts of weather-related incidents on the road, but it was rather unnerving to swerve in one direction while the rain pushes you in another and there's nothing you can do but just "ride it out" as you would when you hit a patch of ice.
I'm glad to have escaped last weekend's fiasco with the minimal amount of damage to my myself and my car. Seeing the city in such a devastating state was painful to watch, and my heart and prayers go out to all of those who have experienced far worse than I did during my one hour of uncertainty on the roads. The aftereffects of seeing people really bond together to help out the less-fortunate is really inspiring as well, but for me, there's still "something" missing, though I won't elaborate on what that "something" is at this time.

Having several days in the house with little else to do but wait and hope that the electricity continues to work, was also an interest experience. In my time without a television and sometimes no internet access, I had the opportunity to get into some "deep reflection" about a few things. As the minutes turned to hours, and hours turned to days, I learned a lot about myself and realized a lot about some of the people I know. Rather than get into a long drawn-out diatribe (
since blog posts are supposed to be short), I'll just say that I emerged from the Nashville Flood of 2010 with a new outlook on life and living. Or maybe it's not "new", but just "refreshed" since it helped to reiterate a few things I already knew and solidify my beliefs about some things I was "iffy" on.

So, to sum things up:
Out came the sun and dried out all the rain, so the itsy bitsy spider goes up the spout again!


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